Dark Night Sky Rondel


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Since 2018 Dominique has been embarking on a series of glass rondels, or plates, all following a sky theme.  Dubbed “Sky Rondels”, these pieces are made to hang and swing like sun catchers in the sky.  Each piece is absolutely unique, many with different front and back scenes.  Each rondel has a small hand-drilled hole on the top of the piece, and they can be hung using strong fishing line.

These rondels are on sale at extreme discounts as a fundraiser to help the studio through the pandemic.  They are all unique and cannot be reproduced.

This particular Sky Rondel ~ Dark Night Sky is very difficult to photograph, as the black loves to shine and shimmer.  On one side there is secretly some glow-in-the-dark glass streaks blown inside that can be seen occasionally after being charged in the sun.  This rondel is 14.5″ in diameter.