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How to order a custom piece of art

Thanks so much for your interest in having a custom order made at Terrapin Glassblowing Studio. We always welcome custom requests and we would love to hear what you’re interested in having created. Please keep in mind that we have two senior artists in-house who make these custom orders. They will carefully review your request to determine if they feel that they can make something that will meet your expectations.

The most common question is whether we will incorporate ashes in a custom piece. As long as we feel that it can be done without compromising the stability of the piece, we would love to create a custom Memorial keepsake for you.

Please note that we do not make custom lampshades or lamp pendants. We also do not repair lampshades or lamp pendants. 

Typically, custom orders begin at a price of $125. The final price will be determined through discussions, making sure that we fully understand your design. We will take full payment in advance before the glass artist begins working on your order.

Please email us at with as many details as possible about the design. We welcome photos of what inspired this design, photos of the color shades you’re interested in, and photos of styles that you like. High-quality photographs are the best. Any size references; both general or specific are helpful. We need as much information as possible so that we can be sure to understand your intention. We will respond to you with clarification questions if needed before providing you with the final price and timeline. 

Once everyone agrees to the design specifications, we will send you an electronic invoice via email. When your invoice is paid, we will begin working on the agreed upon design. No further changes to the design will be incorporated after this point. 

If the design process is a bit more complex:

If your custom order is complex, we will suggest having the artist create a prototype. The charge for making the prototype is a non-refundable $50 fee which covers the artist’s time and materials. This will help both the artist and the customer see the beginnings of your idea come to life as well as work out things that may or may not work during the creation process. The prototype will belong to Terrapin Glassblowing Studio, however, the design fee will be considered in the final cost of the project if you choose to move forward. Once the prototype has been made, you will receive photos and typically a few follow up questions regarding the design. Please keep in mind that there is no commitment between the customer or artist to continue on after this prototype phase. Either party may decide at any time that this project isn’t something they want to move forward with.

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