Fancy Apple ~ 50% off for Teachers (#4)


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Yes, these are very fancy apples ~ Normally priced at $80 each!

These took three experienced glass artists working in tandem to make!  One person worked on the body of the apple; made with a big solid chunk of beautiful solid red color, encased in clear.  Meanwhile, another artist was working on the fancy, sparkle green leaf.  At the same time, a third person was working on the stem!  Just as the body of the apple was finished, they combined all the pieces together hot.  This had to be done very quickly, so that none of the parts & pieces get too cold and crack!  Teamwork all the way!

We have 5 of these total in stock, and we are selling them at 50%, with all of those special teachers out there in our minds.  We appreciate you, we appreciate you, we appreciate you.

Approximately 4″ diameter & 4″ tall