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Thanks so much for checking out this description! Are you ready to help me grow by sharing some feedback?!

Here’s some background information about this social experiment:

My name is Dominique Caissie, you may now me as the woman who loves drinking Our Town at the bar, but I am also glass artist and small business owner!  I’m not always super chatty, as I naturally an introvert, who often spends too much time by herself.  This is one of the reasons I love Post & Beam so much, as it gives me a safe space to be me!

Well, I own Terrapin Glassblowing Studio in Jaffrey and Erika has been kind enough to let me decorate the shelves at Post for the past few years.  It has been amazing to get my glass out in the world and collaborate with another local woman-owned business.

The beautiful challenge has been making work that fits within the space; with my primary concerns being the shelf width and the potential for accidents.  With these general restrictions, I designed this new series of flat vases!

Questions for you:

Which shape is your favorite?

Do you prefer a shape that is more functional to use for flowers, or a shape that is more for decor?

Do you enjoy the more ‘organic’ shapes of the vases that are more even in nature?

What are your favorite/least favorite color strands in here?

Responses can be given through the comment section on the @TerrapinGlassStudio Facebook Post *pinned to the top of the page* OR through the @terrapinglass Instagram Post *look for the glow photo*.  Paper responses can be tucked into the brochure rack by the door to the patio at Post.

If things have sold, please scroll through the photos here for examples.

A kind note on boundaries: Feedback can be beautiful when asked for and received.  I very much appreciate quick words of praise, but please refrain from advice not asked for as it will not be received.  I truly appreciate all the feedback given in the manners requested above (FB, IG or paper) and not in person where I simply can’t process the information.